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Taxon: Class Opalinea Wenyon (1926) (alga)


Alternative author citation C.M. Wenyon, 1926, nom. bot., nom. imperf.
Original name Wenyon, C.M. 1926. Protozoology. William Wood and Company, New York: 159.
Original rank loc. cit.
Subsequent use as a botanical name Cavalier-Smith, T. 1998. Biol. Rev. 73: 259. [implicit]
Original spelling loc. cit.


Incorrect termination of typified name (nom. inval: nom. imperf.) [ICBN/ICN, 2012: Arts. 16.3, 17.1] Ref: S.J. Brands (ed.), 1989-present: 19 Feb 2016.
Botanical name ("nom. bot.") [ICBN/ICN] Ref: S.J. Brands (ed.), 1989-present: 21 Feb 2016.
Validly published name, later assigned to algae or fungi [ICBN/ICN, 2012: Art. 45.1] Ref: S.J. Brands (ed.), 1989-present: 19 Feb 2016.


TypeOpalina (Genus) Purkinje & Valentin, 1835 Ref: T. Cavalier-Smith, 2004: table 4.1 (p. 77). [inferred]


Different rankOpalinea ([unranked]) Wenyon, 1926
Name in current code of nomenclatureOpalinea (Class) Wenyon, 1926 Ref: M.A. Ruggiero et al., 2015: table 2 (p. 16). [inferred]
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