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Reference: T. Cavalier-Smith, 2010a. Biol. Lett. 6 (3)
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Cavalier-Smith, T. 2010a. Kingdoms Protozoa and Chromista and the eozoan root of the eukaryotic tree. Biol. Lett. 6 (3), 23 Jun 2010: 342-345. [Online: 23 Dec 2009] [Online]


Chromista; Protozoa

New Names and Combinations: Original name

halvaria ([unranked]) Cavalier-Smith, 2010Page: fig. 1 ("new clade").
Harosa (Subkingdom) Cavalier-Smith, 2010Page: 342, fig. 1 ("new subkingdom").

Original Classification (root)

([unranked]) Biota

Original Classification (new taxon)

([unranked]) halvaria new clade
(Subkingdom) Harosa new subkingdom

Original Classification (new rank)

(Subkingdom) Hacrobia new subkingdom

Original Classification (new position)

(Infrakingdom) Alveolata
(Infrakingdom) Heterokonta
(Infrakingdom) Rhizaria
(Phylum) Apusozoa
(Phylum) Cryptista
(Phylum) Haptophyta
(Phylum) Heliozoa

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