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Reference: K.J. Peterson & D.J. Eernisse, 2001. Evolution & Development 3(3)
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Peterson, K.J. & Eernisse, D.J. 2001. Animal phylogeny and the ancestry of bilaterians: inferences from morphology and 18S rDNA gene sequences. Evolution & Development 3(3), May-Jun 2001: 170-205. [Online]

New Names and Combinations: Original name

Neotrochozoa ([unranked]) K.J. Peterson & D.J. Eernisse, 2001Page: 172, 188.

Original Classification (root)

(Clade) Opisthokonta Cavalier-Smith 1987

Original Classification (new taxon)

([unranked]) Neotrochozoa

Original Classification (new position)

(Phylum) Annelida
(Phylum) Echiura
(Phylum) Mollusca
(Phylum) Sipuncula

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