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Reference: S.A. Karpov et al., 2014. Front. Microbiol. 5 (112)
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Karpov, S.A., Mamkaeva, M.A., Aleoshin, V.V., Nassonova, E., Lilje, O. & Gleason, F.H. 2014. Morphology, phylogeny, and ecology of the aphelids (Aphelidea, Opisthokonta) and proposal for the new superphylum Opisthosporidia. Front. Microbiol. 5 (112), 28 Mar 2014: 1-11. [Online]

New Names and Combinations (Original name, rank & spelling)

Aphelida (Phylum) Karpov, Aleoshin & Mikhailov, 2014 Page: 9 ("Karpov, Aleoshin et Mikhailov Phylum nov.")
Opisthosporidia (Superphylum) Karpov, Aleoshin & Mikhailov, 2014 Page: 8 ("Karpov, Aleoshin et Mikhailov Superphylum nov.")

New Names and Combinations (Emended diagnosis (emend.))

Cryptomycota (Phylum) Jones & Richards (2011) Page: 9 ("(Jones et Richards, 2011), Emend. Karpov et Aleoshin")

Original Classification (root)

([unranked]) Opisthokonta Cavalier-Smith, 1987

Original Classification (new taxon)

(Superphylum) Opisthosporidia Karpov, Aleoshin et Mikhailov Superphylum nov.
(Phylum) Aphelida Karpov, Aleoshin et Mikhailov Phylum nov.

Original Classification (new position)

(Phylum) Cryptomycota (Jones et Richards, 2011), Emend. Karpov et Aleoshin
(Phylum) Microsporidia
(Class) Aphelidea Gromov, 2000

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