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Reference: Y.B. Okolodkov, 2011
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Okolodkov, Y.B. 2011. Dinoflagellata (Bütschli) Fensome, Taylor, Norris, Sarjeant, Wharton et Williams, 1993. In S.A. Karpov (ed.), Guide-Book on Zoology, Part 3 Protista. KMK Scientific Press Ltd., St. Petersburg/Moscow: [7]-119, 11 pls.. [Online]

New Names and Combinations (Subsequent spelling)

Gillnia (Genus) Okolodkov (2011) Page: 10. ("Cookson et Eisenack 1960")
Haxagonifera (Genus) Okolodkov (2011) Page: 12

Original Classification (root)

(Phylum) Dinoflagellata Engl. (1903)

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