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Reference: K. Lauprasert et al., 2011. Paläontol. Z. 85 (1)
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Lauprasert, K., Laojumpon, C., Saenphala, W., Cuny, G., Thirakhupt, K. & Suteethorn, V. 2011. Atoposaurid crocodyliforms from the Khorat Group of Thailand: first record of Theriosuchus from Southeast Asia. Paläontol. Z. 85 (1), Mar 2011: 37-47. [Online: 12 Jun 2010] [Online]

New Names and Combinations (Original name)

Theriosuchus grandinaris (Species) Lauprasert, Laojumpon, Saenphala, Cuny, Thirakhupt & Suteethorn, 2011 Page: 41-42

Original Classification (root)

([unranked]) Crocodylomorpha Walker, 1970

Original Classification (new taxon)

Theriosuchus grandinaris sp. nov.

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