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Reference: T. Cavalier-Smith, 1998. Biol. Rev. 73
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Cavalier-Smith, T. 1998. A revised six-kingdom system of life. Biol. Rev. 73: 203-266.



New Names and Combinations (Original name)

Bigyra (Phylum) Caval.-Sm. (1998) Page: table 7 (p. 252). ("phyl. nov.")
Glomomycetes (Class) Caval.-Sm. (1998) Page: table 5 (p. 246) ("cl. nov.")

New Names and Combinations (Subsequent rank; Original spelling)

Nemathelminthes (Superphylum) Gegenbaur, 1859 Page: table 4 (p. 236) ("superphyl. nov.")
Nematoda (Infraphylum) Gegenbaur, 1859 Page: table 4 (p. 236) ("Gegenbaur 1859 orthog. em. stat. nov.")
Nematoida (Subphylum) Rudolphi, 1808 Page: table 4 (p. 236) ("Rudolphi 1808 (as Nematoidea) orth. em. stat. nov.")

New Names and Combinations (Emended diagnosis (emend.))

Mesozoa (Subkingdom) Van Beneden, 1876 Page: tables 1 (p. 209) ("Van Beneden 1877 stat. nov."), 4 (p. 237) ("subking. nov.")
Nemathelminthes (Phylum) Gegenbaur, 1859 Page: table 4 (p. 236) ("em. (diagnosis as for the superphylum)")

Original Classification (root)

([unranked]) Biota
([unranked]) unimembrana

Original Classification (new taxon)

(Subkingdom) Eomycota subking. nov.
(Subkingdom) Mesozoa Van Beneden 1877 stat. nov. / subking. nov.
(Subkingdom) Neomycota subking. nov.
(Subkingdom) Unibacteria new subkingdom
(Infrakingdom) Discicristata infraking. nov.
(Infrakingdom) Ecdysozoa infrak. nov.
(Infrakingdom) Glaucophyta infraking. nov.
(Infrakingdom) Glycobacteria infrak. nov.
(Infrakingdom) Lipobacteria infrak. nov.
(Infrakingdom) Lophozoa infrak. nov.
(Infrakingdom) Placozoa infrak. nov.
(Infrakingdom) Platyzoa infraking. nov.
(Infrakingdom) Rhodophyta infraking. nov.
(Superphylum) Conchozoa superphyl. nov.
(Superphylum) Gyrista superphyl. nov.
(Superphylum) Haemopoda superp. nov.
(Superphylum) Nemathelminthes superphyl. nov.
(Superphylum) Planctobacteria superphyl. nov.
(Superphylum) Sagenista superphyl. nov.
(Superphylum) Sipuncula superphyl. nov.
(Superphylum) Vermizoa superphyl. nov.
(Phylum) Acanthognatha phyl. nov.
(Phylum) Archemycota phyl. nov.
(Phylum) Bigyra phyl. nov.
(Phylum) Brachiozoa phyl. nov.
(Phylum) Cercozoa phyl. nov.
(Phylum) Eurybacteria phyl. nov.
(Phylum) Lobopoda phyl. nov.
(Phylum) Tracheophyta phyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Bigyromonada subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Chlorobibacteria subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Chlorophytina subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Conosa subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Dictyomycotina subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Euspirochaetae subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Fibrobacteria subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Fusobacteria subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Gloeobacteria subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Leptospirae subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Macrorhodophytina subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Manubrispora subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Melanomycotina subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Monokonta subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Orthomycotina subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Phragmophytina subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Phycobacteria subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Plicostoma subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Rhodellophytina subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Saccostoma subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Scalidorhyncha subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Septomycotina subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Teichobacteria subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Thiobacteria subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Trochata subphyl. nov.
(Infraphylum) Allomycotina infraphy. nov.
(Infraphylum) Bryatae infraphyl. nov.
(Infraphylum) Chromatibacteria infraphyl. nov.
(Infraphylum) Endobacteria infraphyl. nov.
(Infraphylum) Eurytherma infraphy. nov.
(Infraphylum) Mucorhabda infraphyl. nov.
(Infraphylum) Operculata infraphyl. nov.
(Infraphylum) Pharyngata infraphyl. nov.
(Infraphylum) Prasinophytae infraphyl. nov.
(Infraphylum) Priapozoa infraphyl. nov.
(Infraphylum) Psilophytae infraphl. nov.
(Infraphylum) Rudophytae infraphyl. nov.
(Infraphylum) Spiculata infraphyl. nov.
(Infraphylum) Tetraphytae infraphyl. nov.
(Infraphylum) Zygomycotina infraphyl. nov.
(Superclass) Eozygomycetia supercl. nov.
(Superclass) Neozygomycetia supercl. nov.
(Class) Allomycetes cl. nov.
(Class) Blastocystea cl. nov.
(Class) Bolomycetes cl. nov.
(Class) Endomycetes cl. nov.
(Class) Enteromycetes cl. nov.
(Class) Eophyceae cl. nov.
(Class) Gelimycetes cl. nov.
(Class) Geomycetes cl. nov.
(Class) Glomomycetes cl. nov.
(Class) Loculomycetes cl. nov.
(Class) Postgaardea cl. nov.
(Class) Rhodellophyceae cl. nov.
(Class) Septomycetes cl. nov.
(Class) Zoomycetes cl. nov.
(Class) Zygomycetes cl. nov.
(Subclass) Calycomycetidae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Chaetophycidae cl. nov. [sic]
(Subclass) Dacrymycetidae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Dendromycetidae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Dipomycetidae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Entomycetidae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Lecomycetidae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Meromycetidae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Ostiomycetidae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Pedomycetidae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Pezomycetidae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Rumpomycetidae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Spizomycetidae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Stichophycidae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Verrucomycetidae subcl. nov.
(Superorder) Pyxomycetalia superord. nov.
(Superorder) Trichomycetalia superord. nov.
(Order) Basidiobolales ord. nov.
(Order) Coelomomycetales ord. nov.
(Order) Geosiphonales ord. nov.
(Order) Mesostigmatales ord. nov.
(Order) Mortierellales ord. nov.
(Order) Pirsoniales ord. nov.
(Family) Pirsoniaceae fam. nov.

Original Classification (validated name)

(Class) Taphrinomycetes cl. nov.

Original Classification (new rank)

(Infrakingdom) Archaebacteria Woese & Fox, 1977 stat. nov.
(Infrakingdom) Chaetognathi Leuckart, 1854 stat. nov.
(Infrakingdom) Chordonia Haeckel, 1874 em. Hatschek, 1888 stat. nov.
(Infrakingdom) Coelomopora Marcus, 1958 stat. nov.
(Infrakingdom) Cormophyta Endlicher, 1836 stat. nov.
(Infrakingdom) Posibacteria Cavalier-Smith, 1987 stat. nov.
(Infrakingdom) Sarcomastigota Cavalier-Smith, 1983 stat. nov. em.
(Superphylum) Eobacteria Cavalier-Smith, 1982 stat. nov.
(Superphylum) Pimelobacteria Cavalier-Smith, 1992 stat. nov.
(Superphylum) Polyzoa Thompson, 1830 stat. nov. em.
(Phylum) Amoebozoa Lühe, 1913 stat. nov. em.
(Phylum) Ascomycota Berkeley, 1857 stat. nov.
(Phylum) Spirochaetae Ehrenberg, 1855 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Anthocerotae auct. stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Anthozoa Ehrenberg, 1831 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Appendicularia Lahille, 1890 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Calcispongiae Blainville, 1834 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Choanozoa Cavalier-Smith, 1981 em. 1983 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Cycliophora Funch & Kristensen, 1995 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Echiura Sedgwick, 1898 orth. em. Stephen, 1965 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Enteropneusta Gegenbaur, 1870 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Euryarcheota Woese, Kandler & Wheelis, 1990 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Glossophora Lankester, 1889 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Gregarinae Haeckel, 1866 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Gymnolaemata Allman, 1856 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Hepaticae auct. stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Hyalospongiae Vosmaer, 1886 stat. nov. em.
(Subphylum) Musci Linnaeus, 1753 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Nematoida Rudolphi, 1808 orth. em. stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Neodermata Ehlers, 1985 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Pogonophora Johannson, 1937 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Pteridophytina Eichler, 1883 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Pterobranchia Lankester, 1878 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Rhodobacteria Cavalier-Smith, 1987 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Selenobacteria Cavalier-Smith, 1992 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Spermatophytina auct. stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Sulfobacteria Cavalier-Smith, 1986 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Tardigrada Doyère, 1840 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Togobacteria Cavalier-Smith, 1992 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) †Trilobitomorpha Størmer, 1944 stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Acanthocephala Rudolphi, 1809 stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Actinobacteria Margulis, 1974 stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Alphabacteria Cavalier-Smith, 1992 stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Archamoebae Cavalier-Smith, 1983 stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Cercomeromorpha Bychowsky, 1937 stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Charophytae Engler, 1887 stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) †Conodonta Eichenberg, 1930 stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Filices Linnaeus, 1753 stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Lycophytae auct. stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Mycetozoa De Bary, 1859 stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Nematoda Gegenbaur, 1859 orthog. em. stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Nematomorpha Vejovsky, 1886 stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Rhabditophora Ehlers, 1985 stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Rotifera Cuvier, 1798 stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Sphagneae auct. stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Sphenophytae auct. stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Trematoda Rudolphi, 1808 stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Univalvia Linnaeus, 1758 stat. nov. em.
(Superclass) Ascetospora Sprague, 1979 stat. nov.
(Superclass) Dictyostelia Lister, 1909 stat. nov.
(Superclass) Diplonemia Cavalier-Smith, 1993 stat. nov.
(Superclass) Eumyxa Cavalier-Smith, 1993 stat. nov.
(Superclass) Hematozoa Vivier, 1982 stat. nov.
(Superclass) Hemibasidiomycetia Engler, 1897 stat. nov.
(Superclass) Hymenomycetia Fries, 1821 stat. nov. et em.
(Subclass) Clavomycetidae Fries, 1821 stat. nov.
(Subclass) Mucoromycetidae Fries, 1832 stat. nov.
(Subclass) Pileomycetidae Fries, 1821 stat. nov.
(Subclass) Saccharomycetidae de Bary, 1866 stat. nov.
(Subclass) Sporidiomycetidae Moore, 1980 stat. nov.
(Subclass) Uredomycetidae Brogniart, 1824 stat. nov.

Original Classification (new position)

(Superphylum) Endoflagellata Cavalier-Smith, 1992
(Phylum) Annelida Lamarck, 1809
(Phylum) Arthropoda von Siebold & Stannius, 1848
(Phylum) Basidiomycota de Bary, 1866 em. auct. stat. nov. Moore, 1980
(Phylum) Bryophyta Braun, 1864 em. Eichler, 1883
(Phylum) Bryozoa Ehrenberg, 1831
(Phylum) Chaetognatha Hyman, 1959
(Phylum) Chordata Bateson, 1885 em.
(Phylum) Cyanobacteria Stanier, 1973
(Phylum) Echinodermata De Brugière, 1789
(Phylum) Euglenozoa Cavalier-Smith, 1981
(Phylum) Foraminifera (D'Orbigny, 1826) Eichwald, 1830 stat. nov. Margulis, 1974
(Phylum) Glaucophyta Skuja, 1954
(Phylum) Hadobacteria Cavalier-Smith, 1992 em.
(Phylum) Heliobacteria Cavalier-Smith, 1987
(Phylum) Hemichordata Bateson, 1885 stat. nov. orthog. em. auct.
(Phylum) Mendosicutes Gibbons & Murray, 1978
(Phylum) Mesozoa van Beneden, 1877
(Phylum) Microsporidia Balbiani, 1882 stat. nov. Weiser, 1977
(Phylum) Mollusca Linnaeus, 1758 em. Lamarck
(Phylum) Nemathelminthes Gegenbaur, 1859 em.
(Phylum) Nemertina Oersted, 1844 em. Schultze, 1850
(Phylum) Neomonada Cavalier-Smith, 1997
(Phylum) Ochrophyta Cavalier-Smith, 1986 stat. nov. 1995
(Phylum) Percolozoa Cavalier-Smith, 1991
(Phylum) Placozoa Grell, 1971
(Phylum) Planctobacteria Cavalier-Smith, 1987
(Phylum) Platyhelminthes Gegenbaur, 1859 em. Minot, 1876
(Phylum) Posibacteria Cavalier-Smith, 1987
(Phylum) Rhodophyta Wettstein, 1922
(Phylum) Sagenista Cavalier-Smith, 1995
(Phylum) Sipuncula Raffinesque, 1814 stat. nov. Sedgwick, 1898
(Phylum) Sphingobacteria Cavalier-Smith, 1987
(Phylum) Urochorda Lankester, 1877
(Subphylum) Brachiopoda Duméril, 1806
(Subphylum) Euascomycotina Engler, 1897 stat. nov. Ainsworth, 1966
(Subphylum) Hemiascomycotina Brefeldt, 1891 stat. nov. Ainsworth, 1966
(Subphylum) Lobosa Carpenter, 1861 stat. nov. Cavalier-Smith, 1997 em.
(Subphylum) Monadofilosa Cavalier-Smith, 1997
(Subphylum) Onychophora Grube, 1853
(Subphylum) Opalinata Wenyon, 1926 stat. nov. em. Cavalier-Smith, 1993, 1997
(Subphylum) Phoronida Hatschek, 1888
(Subphylum) Phytomyxa Cavalier-Smith, 1997
(Subphylum) Pseudofungi Cavalier-Smith, 1986 em. 1989
(Subphylum) Reticulofilosa Cavalier-Smith, 1997
(Infraphylum) Angiospermae auct.
(Infraphylum) Gymnospermae auct.
(Infraphylum) Halomebacteria Cavalier-Smith, 1986
(Infraphylum) Kinorhyncha Reinhard, 1887
(Superclass) Euglenoida Bütschli, 1884 stat. nov. Cavalier-Smith, 1997
(Class) Athalamea
(Class) Bangiophyceae em.
(Class) Charophyceae sensu stricto
(Class) Chytridiomycetes De Bary, 1863 stat. nov. Sparrow, 1958 em. Cavalier-Smith, 1981
(Class) Clostridea Cavalier-Smith, 1982
(Class) Conjugophyceae auct.
(Class) Cristidiscoidea
(Class) Florideophyceae
(Class) Gastrotricha
(Class) Gnathostomulida
(Class) Homobasidiomycetes Patouillard, 1900
(Class) Ichthyosporea
(Class) Kinetoplastea Honigberg, 1963 stat. nov. Margulis, 1974
(Class) Loricifera
(Class) Metchnikovellea Weiser, 1977 emend. Cavalier-Smith, 1993
(Class) Micromonadophyceae Mattox & Stewart, 1984 em.
(Class) Mollicutes
(Class) Priapula
(Class) Ustomycetes Moore, 1980
(Subclass) Loculoascomycetidae Luttrell, 1955
(Subclass) Tremellomycetidae Fries, 1821 stat. nov. Wells, 1994
(Order) Amoebidiales
(Order) Asellariales
(Order) Blastocladiales
(Order) Chlorokybales
(Order) Chytridiales
(Order) Coleochaetales
(Order) Compsopogonales
(Order) Cuninghamellales
(Order) Cyanidiales
(Order) Dacrymycetales
(Order) Dimargaritales
(Order) Eccrinales
(Order) Endogonales
(Order) Entomophorales
(Order) Erythrobasidiales
(Order) Glomales
(Order) Harpellales
(Order) Kickxellales
(Order) Klebsormidiales
(Order) Laboulbeniales
(Order) Monoblepharidales
(Order) Mucorales
(Order) Neocallimastigales
(Order) Porphyridiales
(Order) Pyxidiophorales
(Order) Septobasidiales
(Order) Spizellomycetales
(Order) Sporidiales
(Order) Uredinales
(Order) Zoopagales
(Family) Coelomomycetaceae
(Family) Geosiphonaceae
(Family) Piptocephalaceae
(Genus) Pirsonia

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