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Reference: S. Bi et al., 2018. Nature 558
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Bi, S., Zheng, X., Wang, X., Cignetti, N.E., Yang, S. & Wible, J.R. 2018. An Early Cretaceous eutherian and the placental–marsupial dichotomy. Nature 558, 13 Jun 2018: 390-395.

New: Original name, rank & spelling

Ambolestes (Genus) Bi, Zheng, Wang, Cignetti, Yang & Wible, 2018Page: 390 ("gen. nov.").

New: Original name, rank, combination & spelling

Ambolestes zhoui (Species) Bi et al., 2018Page: 390 ("sp. nov.").

Original Classification (root)

(Class) Mammalia Linnaeus, 1758

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