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Reference: M.S. Harvey et al., 2020. Invert. Syst. 34
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Harvey, M.S., Hillyer, M.J., Carvajal, J.I. & Huey, J.A. 2020. Supralittoral pseudoscorpions of the genus Garypus (Pseudoscorpiones : Garypidae) from the Indo-West Pacific region, with a review of the subfamily classification of Garypidae. Invert. Syst. 34: 34-87. [Online: 10 Feb 2020]

New: Original name, rank & spelling

Anchigarypus (Genus) Harvey, 2020Page: 45 ("Harvey, gen. nov" [sic]).

New: Original name, rank, combination & spelling

Garypus dissitus (Species) Harvey, 2020Page: 47 ("Harvey, sp. nov."), figs. 27-39.
Garypus latens (Species) Harvey, 2020Page: 54 ("Harvey, sp. nov" [sic]), figs. 61-74.
Garypus malgaryungu (Species) Harvey, 2020Page: 61 ("Harvey, sp. nov."), figs. 97-111.
Garypus necopinus (Species) Harvey, 2020Page: 64 ("Harvey, sp. nov."), figs. 112-125.
Garypus postlei (Species) Harvey, 2020Page: 71 ("Harvey, sp. nov" [sic]), figs. 150-164.
Garypus ranalliorum (Species) Harvey, 2020Page: 73 ("Harvey, sp. nov."), figs. 165-176.
Garypus reong (Species) Harvey, 2020Page: 76 ("Harvey, sp. nov" [sic]), figs. 177-188.
Garypus weipa (Species) Harvey, 2020Page: 78 ("Harvey, sp. nov" [sic]), figs. 189-200.
Garypus yeni (Species) Harvey, 2020Page: 80 ("Harvey, sp. nov" [sic]), figs. 201-209.

New: Subsequent rank (orig. spell.)

Synsphyroninae (Subfamily) Beier, 1932Page: 46 ("Beier, stat. nov" [sic]).

New: Subsequent generic combination (orig. spell.)

Anchigarypus californicus (Species) (Banks, 1909)Page: 46 ("(Banks, 1909), comb. nov.").
Anchigarypus guadalupensis (Species) (Chamberlin, 1930)Page: 46 ("(Chamberlin, 1930), comb. nov.").
Anchigarypus japonicus (Species) (Beier, 1952)Page: 46 ("(Beier, 1952), comb. nov."), 84 ("(Beier), comb. nov."), figs. 213-217.

New: Subsequent rank within genus (orig. comb. & spell.)

Garypus realini (Species) Hummelinck, 1948Page: 44 ("stat. nov.").

Original Classification (root)

(Family) Garypidae Simon, 1879

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